Vision Statement

In the future Holla Glass will 
Expand Services! 

We’ll ‘Help You Decide’ what’s best for you! 

Our services will create a Picture or Video of the your makeup brush bag/ vanity/ countertop/ bathroom display showing how it meshes with your current brushes or makeup 
And let you see how you look wearing a desired professionally applied makeup

Each piece will include Individual Title & Description Cards
As well as instructions for
Daily and Routine Brush Care Instructions for your Holla Glass Brushes

We will provide Educational Content for critical topics such as Skincare, Mental Health and Mental Health Advocacy, Beauty Tips, Holla Glass Lifestyle Resources, Cultural and Social Awareness, Self-Love

At Holla Glass we will dig deep into our hearts, souls and pocketbooks working with Esthetics for Victims of Violent Crime Program (Advocacy DA’s Office) and
Prison Reform Art Program (Government Contract)
-Holla Glass continues to promote Self expression through individual style while feeling comfortable in your body
We boost confidence through self-care, grooming practices, and beauty routines
-Personal development by provoking energetic introspection & philosophical resonance with the Holla Glass Brand
-Humanitarian Efforts 
-Cutty Subject Enlightenment (ex: Marie Claire Magazine)

Holla Glass is and will remain committed to 
Inclusivity and Never Discriminating based on
Race, Creed, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion, or Age 
We are All Beautiful

-Glass, Skin, Hair, Nails, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Worldwide Culture, Human Connection, Esoteric Study, Mother Nature/ Science, Various Art Mediums and Showcasing Collaboration Artist’s Gifts/Talents/Abilities/Personalities 

-Flat-lays (Social Media/ Website Design)
*Website (simple backdrop)
*Lifestyle (Social Media & Website Design)

Q: Who uses our brushes!? 
A: These Beautiful & Unique Incarnated Souls in the campaign

~Obtainable/Attainable by those with impeccable taste!